Ctronics 1080P HD Surveillance Camera with Human Detection and PTZ




  • Q:Do you mean I don’t need any power cables to get it work as you said it is wireless camera?
  • A:“Wireless” means that you can connect the camera to Wi-Fi network. Camera comes with a power cord that needs to be plugged in for use.
  • Q:What is the auto tracking function? Do you mean it follows someone or people until they are no longer in range?
  • A:In the monitoring range, camera will intelligently recognize people and other animals, it will automatically track and follow a person's movement, while saving the video in SD card and sending you a notification. When the moving object disappears in the monitoring range, it will stop tracking.
  • Q:I set Wi-Fi network for the camera. However, the camera is disconnected as soon as I unplug network cable.
  • A:The camera does not support special letters or symbols in Wi-Fi SSID and Wi-Fi password. Please use standard English letters and numbers. At the same time, please check in your router setting and make sure that the encryption of your Wi-Fi is not set to combined algorithm of AES+TKIP, which is not supported by the camera.